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Nkiti (or Nikitas) is one of the oldest villages of Halkidiki. 
It is located in the north of the Sithonia peninsula, 39 km east from Nea Moudania, approximately 110 km south east from Thessalonik and in between the villages Metamorfosi and Neos Marmaras(23km). 
Nikiti has approximately 2833 inhabitants. The village Nikiti consists of two parts, the old and the new village. They are split up by the main road Halkidiki - Sithonia.
The old Nikiti, the original village, extends from the main road land inwards at the hill side. Distance to the sea is approximately 2 km. The 'new' Nikiti, the newer village part, extends from the main road up to the sea.
During the classical years the most significant city was Galipsos, which was located south of Nikiti. In 432 BC, the city broke with with the Athenian alliance and many of its inhabitants moved to the city of Olynthos. In 1300 the largest part of Nikiti belonged to various monasteries of Agion Oros (Xenophontos, Lavras, Xeropotamou). In the 14th century the present Nikiti is mentioned for the first time as Neakitou, a small settlement of the cultivators of the monastery of Xenophontos. With the passing of time the population grew and in the 15th century the small settlement became an independent village.
in 1821 the Turks destroyed Nikiti during the war of independence but the inhabitants returned between 1822 and 1827 and rebuild it again.
Main occupation for inhabitants of Nikiti is tourism and farming (agriculture and in particular beekeeping for the production of the famous honey).
Nikiti, located at the Toronean Gulf, has a 30 km coastline with beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water. Some of the beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag for safety & services, water quality and environmental information.
Every friday morning, till 13:00, there is a traditional market in Nikiti where you can buy the famous honey and other local products.
In Nikiti there is a wide selection of variety in accommodation; from cheap rooms to let houses till luxurious resorts. You will find two big supermarkets on the main road and ATM machines, pharmacies, restaurants, taverns, bars, cafes along with other shops selling local products around the village.
The famous "Crossing of Toroneos Gulf", a marathon swim of 26 km from the Kassandra peninsula to Nikiti, is organized yearly by "Sithon", the Cultural Youth Association of Nikiti together with the Municipality of Nikiti. This event attracts a lot of national and international athletes.
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